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Unless you have been under a rock or offline it’s obvious that Indonesia has been firing! The most recent swell to hit the west facing coast of the country lit up everywhere from Rote to Banda Aceh with a great long period swell.

 MD and the Indies Trader lll happened to be in port set for departure the day before the swell and the guests onboard ( Some of our favourite repeaters) for the charter found a stowaway in the form of multiple world champ Kelly Slater who’s timing is as they say perfect. We also happened to have lensman Ted Grambeau onboard and as you may or may not know Ted and Martin Daly invented the Tin Boat angle of shooting surf photos so add in KS and it’s an interesting mix.

Below: What the wave above looks like up close. Photo: Grambeau.

We got a late-night call from Ted and while it sounded like he may have found the cold Bintang’s after an epic day he had this to say…

“Been pumping mate guests super stoked all scored a ton of waves, Kelly was stoked in the session at Lances, paddled back out low tide arvo 10 foot no one out! (then a couple others  came out!) froth level high. Epic day lots of barrels yet to be revealed! Other stand out Aritz, and hand full of Aussies , especially Reef Hazelwood”.

Above: Kelly eyes on the exit at Kandui. Photo Grambeau.

 Below: MD and KS debate the low tide go out. Photo: Grambeau

The veteran shooter did not reveal much but he did “break off a little something” from the stash for us to checkout and as we figure out where the Kelly Slater solo session at 10 foot Kandui is gonna show up we will keep you posted.

Above: Trader lll front deck, the best hang spot / post-surf bar that exists.

We still have one open slot this season that can be secured so if you would like to get out to the Mentawai aboard the mighty Indies Trader lll please just head HERE.

Above: Just put your beer down, hit record, hit send … smile. Photo: Grambeau.

With swells stacked up for the duration of the outlook we are sure there is more great stuff on the way and will have an update as it becomes available. If you wanted to check out some more details of the swell jump over here to our friends at Surfline for their coverage of the day.

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