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Above: The "Vision Splendid" at Kandui July 3. Photo Dilbert Buttley.

After yesterday’s tease of what has been going on in the ments our IG's DM's kind of went into meltdown with people wanting to see more stuff, messages like "Come on you guys are holding where's the other stuff", "Yeah nice tease fellas stop with all the secret squirrel carry on and give us the gold".

We have to admit July 3 was a pretty nice day and while we are normally chasing fun waves with minimal crowds, we did hang out for long enough to see some really memorable rides. Slater, Aranburu, Heazlewood are names that are probably ringing loud and clear around every corner of the web right now and it's for a good reason, those reasons follow.

Below: Part 1 of a Kelly Slater SINGLE WAVE 3 part epic, start with a deep tube section …

Below: Part 2 where you stand for the crowds applause …

Below: Part 3 of any great play is the resolution, in this case an exit. Note the ninja level boil navigation.  Slater sequence via Dilbert Buttley.

Whenever the waves move to a level like the ones in the images here the crowd thins somewhat and really it's made up of people who truly want what is on offer, Reef Heazlewood was one of those people according to most on hand.

Below: Reef gets the elevator down to a Kandui classic as wide as it was high. Sequence via Dilbert Buttley.

Below: Reef setting his board on rail before the inevitable chamber on the inside. Photo Buttley

Below: The previously mentioned "Chamber". Photo Buttley.

Below: Aritiz Aranburu has ticker (Australian slang for heart) by the bucket load which is a prerequisite for waves like this one. Photo Grambeau.

The Mentawai Islands are ground zero for the worlds best waves right through till October each year and if you would like to come out and see all the amazing 3-5 foot surf that is going unridden during swells like this one we would love to have you aboard for our remaining vacant charter for 2022 just head over here to connect with us on it.

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