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Indies Trader is really good at a lot of things. Staying in one place is not one of them. Always curious about what lurks beyond the horizon, the evolution of the Indies Trader continues ever forward and we are stoked to be teaming up with Huntington Surf & Sport and the Pai family, one of the most iconic surf shops and surf families in the United States.

This month, HSS will be the first surf shop in California to carry the new Indies Trader line of boardshorts, tees, hats and more.

Above: HSS founder Aaron Pai "Product Testing" in Indonesia.

“Martin has always thought outside the box, it’s what’s made him one of the most influential surf explorers in history, and he continues to think outside the box. We are absolutely honored to be able to carry Indies Trader at HSS,” says Aaron Pai, who’s owned and operated HSS for more than 40 years. 

A dedicated, lifelong surfer himself, over the years it’s this passion for chasing waves that has guided Pai as he’s built an institution at HSS. One of the most successful surf retail operations the world over, Pai, who continues to run the business alongside his family, remains dedicated to the core tenants of surf culture.

Above: The Pai clan on location at the beach in Huntington. Photo Servais 

“The relationship with the ocean, being out there in the environment with your friends and family, sharing those magic experiences that only surfing can provide, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what Martin has dedicated his life to. That’s what he’s given to so many people. He’s opened up the world and changed lives. It’s about as pure as it gets.”

Above: Captain Martin Daly in the Indies Trader lll tin boat at a recently discovered undisclosed location. Photo Grambeau.

“What a dream to see the new Indies Trader line landing in Huntington Surf & Sport. We have such a long history together,” says Martin Daly founder of Indies Trader. “We’ve enjoyed a lot of good times chasing waves on the Indies Trader boats with Aaron and his family over the years, and to take this next step together with them, it couldn’t be better, I have literally watched the Pai kids all grow-up.”

Above: Taylor Pai setting up for some tube time on an Indies Trip in Indonesia

It’s this belief in and support for core surfing that is at the heart of both the Indies Trader and HSS businesses. Both organizations are family owned and operated, providing them with the freedom and control to continue to chase their dreams.

Above: The HSS crew onboard the Indies Trader lll and scouting in the tin boat with MD.

Above: The kind of "off the beaten path" places Indies Trader calls home. Photo Dorsey.

“I took my sons, Taylor and Trevor, on the Indies for the first time in 2009. We’ve taking trips with Martin ever since. He’s seen my boys grow up and we’ve shared some incredible experiences together way out there off the beaten path,” Pai continues. 

The new Indies Trader line will land in HSS this April. 

This summer, Captain Daly will be inducted into the Surfers' Hall of Fame at the corner of Main Street and Pacific Coast Hwy., In Huntington Beach on August 5th.

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