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It’s the stuff you don’t see that makes all the difference between Indies Trader lll and other charter boats, things that you the guest never set eyes upon but are crucial to the safe operation of the world’s best surf charter vessel.

The Trader lll has been running hard for the past two years with rolling border closures and the prospect of perfect empty Ments she has covered a ton of ground in all sorts of conditions between the NDA’s and the Mentawai Islands. We lifted her out briefly in the South Pacific last year, but it was time for a good proper look at everything so toward the end of October she went up on the hard in Indonesia.

 So, what did we do? A bunch, none of it ultra-necessary but all important for long term reliability and safe fun filled surf trips.

Above: Two of these shafts push this boat along … no small task.

  • Shafts out, re-surfaced and sized.
  • White metal bearings replaced.
  • Cutlass bearings replaced.
  • Engine mounts replaced.
  • Shaft couplings replaced.
  • Propellors re balanced and polished. 

Above: A Brazilian butt lift boat yard style via Dr Christian.

  • All Anodes replaced.
  • Anchor locker corrosion treated and repainted.
  • Below the waterline surveyed and all below spec plate cropped and replaced.
  • Through hulls serviced.
  • Water maker serviced.
  • Stainless anchor guards refurbished.
  • New Anti-foul.
  • Service of the air conditioning system

Above: Our tireless tender getting a upgrade to the forward plating.

Below: A real crew favourite, repainting the chain locker.


  • Hull paint detailed and resprayed as required.
  • Teak deck planking replaced as required.
  • Doors sanded and re-sprayed.
  • Saloon fully refurbished. New carpet, new lounge, new dining chairs.
  • New linen throughout.

Above: The team doing the prep work for new floor coverings.

Below: The Mighty Indies Trader III fresh from the splash rearing to go.

So as you’re reading this the vessel is tracking through the Java sea headed for our most popular destination the NDA Islands where she will be until the return to the Mentawai in 2022. She’s looking better than ever (We will have the after photos in the next blog post) and has two fresh trainee skippers aboard to assist our dear leader and despite the tough two years it feels like there is plenty smile about as gates open worldwide, lots of waves to be found and caught and a ton of exciting stuff in the chute for the not to distant future. We look forward to seeing you aboard soon.

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